Why You Need to Nip those Desires in the Bud

Weeds and sins are easier to control the sooner we start.

Sherri and I attacked the dandelions in our yard this week – she plucked the flowers so they wouldn’t go to seed, and I sprayed the plants with poison to kill them from the roots. I take decent care of our lawn – weed and feed treatments twice yearly – and still I was amazed at how many dandelions we have.


Maybe it’s because dandelions reproduce so aggressively. The University of Wisconsin says every dandelion head produces 54 to 172 seeds, and each plant is capable of producing up to 2000 seeds. So, when my back starts aching from picking off those yellow flowers, I keep telling myself that every flower I pick prevents 100 more plants next year, which prevents 200,000 plants the following year!

The Bible says our sinful desires operate in a similar way. Continue reading “Why You Need to Nip those Desires in the Bud”

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How to Seek God’s Will

When we face a major decision in life, how can we know what God wants us to do?

We each have choices to make: what to do after high school, who to marry (or whether to marry), what career to pursue, when to make a career change – the choices go on.


I am currently in the process of seeking God’s will for my next ministry assignment, which will relocate our family. The stakes are high. How can I know if my decision is God’s will or just my own preference?

I haven’t found a Bible verse telling me where I’m supposed to move, just as I didn’t find one telling me who to marry. I have never heard an audible voice from heaven or read a message written in the sky. So how can we seek His will? Continue reading “How to Seek God’s Will”

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Why You Can’t Do it Yourself

The concept of “Do It Yourself” is so appealing, it has spawned an entire industry. The problem is, DIY doesn’t really exist.

Recently one of our ceiling fans stopped working. Even though I’m not very handy, I decided to give it a whirl. It wasn’t long before I got stuck, but I found plenty of DIY material on YouTube which coached me through what I needed. So I successfully fixed the fan myself! (Insert applause here!)


But here’s the thing: I didn’t really do it myself.  Continue reading “Why You Can’t Do it Yourself”

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