When God Doesn’t Do Things Your Way

I wonder how often we miss God’s promises because we don’t like His process.

We love the great things God promises: peace, forgiveness, maturity, strength. But sometimes we don’t like the process God requires in order for us to receive the promise.


There’s a great example of this in 2 Kings 5. An army commander named Naaman has leprosy and learns that the prophet Elisha is able to heal him. This was exciting news because leprosy often carried a life-long sentence of living apart from others. So he travels hundreds of miles, bearing gifts, hoping that this prophet is really able to help him. On the way, he imagines the scene – a dramatic encounter with a wise prophet (picture Gandalf) waving his hands and pronouncing a blessing, and he gets to go home healthy!

What happens is quite different. Continue reading “When God Doesn’t Do Things Your Way”

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7 Ways to Shatter Stress

Years ago I was in a stress-management class and the instructor used a drinking glass as an illustration: “This glass is like your capacity for stress. As you encounter stressful events, water is added to the glass. If your glass overflows, you’re overwhelmed and the result could be an anxiety attack, depression, or worse.”

water-titleThe solution, the instructor continued, is to find ways to empty the “stress glass” before it gets full.

The reality is that we cannot always control the amount of stress that gets added to our glass. What we must do is find ways to lower the amount in the glass before it overflows. Continue reading “7 Ways to Shatter Stress”

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3 Ways to Be an Unselfish Dad

Now that the new ties are put away and Father’s Day is over for another year, it’s time to get back to work being a dad. For those who bear the title, you know – it’s the toughest job you’ll ever love.

For me it’s tough for two primary reasons: I am never quite sure I have what it takes to be a good dad – I mean, it’s a pretty daunting task to shape a small impressionable human to be ready for a big world – and, I know how inherently selfish I am. How can I put others’ needs before my own?

dad words

There are many who, through no fault of their own, never had a good model and so they literally don’t know how to be a good dad. Fortunately, in the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus shares a model that we all can watch and learn from: Continue reading “3 Ways to Be an Unselfish Dad”

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